Been hurled up indoors for 20 days straight,

been working from home and

taking life’s meetings on miniature screens.

And nursing several bouts of Zoom fatigue.

And ordering food and groceries for home delivery.

Kate, my housemate,

got locked down with her parents in Naguru.

I am home alone.


It’s June of 2021

in the middle of a 42-day lockdown,

riding the second wave of the famous COVID-19

Stats have turned to names we recognise,

Ministry of Health numbers are no longer abstract.

Joan lost her husband.

Patrick’s wife died.

Martha died a few days after she’d had little Cole,

He died too.

Solomon from my Uni days lost his 25 year old sister.

Sarah’s mother, Chairman of a National Palliative Association,

died 4 days after being admitted to the hospital.

The numbers are now people;

people we once loved and cared for.

It is said that a beach will always have sand.

The sea has washed me away.

Little by little, grain by grain, I, Sand

have trickled into the vastness of the sea.

The water pressed and towed and hauled at me.

I tried to hold on for my master, the…

Remind me of the stream

A walking distance from my grandparents’ home.





Like the mangoes that grew on the trees next to it.

With a ginger zing,

To keep us going after we parted

Until the next trip to the stream.

I no longer see you,

Only the image of who I’m persuaded you can become.

I cannot hear you,

Except if you play your life’s strings to my tune.

I do not understand you.

In spite of the many ways you speak.

Unless I hear my voice when you talk,

The doors of home are shut to you.

The charade of our love is that we are genuine –

Genuinely wrong about what love is.

I am fascinated by technology

Even though it runs circles around me.

Just when one area starts to make sense,

Another springs up like a bug,

Taking me back to the start of the learning curve.

Imagine, then, my joy


And horror,

To be building a life with two techies.

The universe is playing tricks on me.

And I am here for it.

All suited up for infinity and beyond.

You are beautiful my Love

Clothed with the brilliance of many flowers

Endless as green rolling hills

Rising in deserved praise

Radiant in splendour

You are glorious my Prince

A reign of peace descending on all your realms

You are the LORD my King

Victorious in battle

Ruling the galaxies in precise order

With justice and righteousness –

the foundations of your seat.

Speak loud my silence

Speak loud

For my heart is wearied from this pursuit

Leave well alone

Oh gallant scribe

I do not desire your well-meaning quest

Your words of a bleeding heart

Are caught up as flint in my silence

Set ablaze in utter haste.

Love pronounced me at the birth of war…

You could say it was a summoning of hope

But I’ll say more honestly,

It was a public cover up of a muffled, desperate, inward groan,

An offering to the gods to bring

A much…



I am a glass ball,

Twenty feet off the ground,

In a mid-air sequence.




Your intergalactic hands,

Will scoop me up




Peace Kadondi

I have wondered what Africa would be like if Wakanda was real. Here’s to African life, development and dignity in the 21st century.

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